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Culture Counts UX Design Challenge
Project Overview
A quick 48 hour design challenge for a short term UX designer contract role.

The assignment asked the question of how Culture Counts can:
"Improve awareness and increase use of standard content in the survey design tool"

The challenge that Culture Counts were facing was the lack of understanding of the importance of what "standard content" meant to their clients, despite having a full induction and education sessions from the company themselves. The key for the "standard content" questions was to establish a baseline to be able to benchmark their survey results.
My Contributions
User Flow
Lo-fi Prototyping
UI Component

My Solution

Due to the short time frame, I was allowed to make some assumptions about the platform and it's users. I pondered about why the user is not aware of the importance of standard content within the surveying tool?
Was it due to:
- lack of knowledge?  
- miscommunication during induction?
- improper use of language?
- infrequent use of the platform?

I looked into what it meant for the user to be using new platform for the first time, what is the process usually? You don't often read a full manual or booklet before you commence using the platform, you tend to learn by doing, a more active form of learning that will help users solidify their knowledge within a platform.


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